League Sponsors

Dick's Sporting Goods


Dick's Sporting Goods has been an amazing sponsor to our league for the past two seasons. They help our league with equipment, tech support and this year they are a major financial sponsor. The also help our families with annual Greene County Days at their Albany Store with great discounts.Thank You Dick's Sporting Goods!


New York Jets


Last year, the Great American Football Team gave our kids an eye-popping memory making time on their home field, walking on the grid iron and watching an NFL game. This year, we have the opportunity to play on that same field against a team from another state(weather permitting) and they are a financial sponsor too!


National Bank of Coxsackie


A great local bank that has been in our area for a very long time. They are helping to supply our children with equipment that was greatly needed this season.


Kirwan's Game Store


Are you a Gamer? Or do you need a really cool place to hang out this summer, other than the football field? Go check out Kirwan's! These guys are the reason our boys have brand new  Helmets and shoulder pads this season.


Got It Maid Cleaning Service


Fuill Service Residential or Commercial cleaning for Greene County. With the help of sponsorship, sponsors help register or fully dress a boy or girl for the field.

Shook Porto INsurance Agency


 Protect your personal and business assets with coverage through our insurance agents in Catskill, New York. Providing our customers with personalized service that will make a difference in their life. We will take the time to get your needs taken care of and make sure that it's done right, with experienced, knowledgeable, and reliable insurance agents that represent a wide variety of insurance carriers.